October 4

Storyteller Legends of Jaime I. 17.00 hours. Municipal Library.

October 9

Concert 9 October. S.M. La Primitiva. 12:00 hours. Cultural Centre.

October 11

Documentary on Alzheimer's "Voices of Memory". 7 p.m. Cultural Centre.

October 14

"Els envenenats" theatre. Municipal theater group. Senior Cultural Week. 18:00 hours. Cultural Centre.

October 19

IV Reading Marathon. 11 a.m. Plaza de la Primitiva.

October 25th

17:00 hours. Reading animation "The Route of Forgotten Monsters". Municipal library.
19:00 hours. Documentary on the Turia flood "October 14, 1957 the day the stones spoke". Cultural Centre.

October 26

Healthy smoothie workshop. 11 a.m. Young Space..

October 27

Trail Castell de Serra. 7:30 a.m. Plaza de la S.M. La Primitiva.

October 31

Halloween Passage of Terror. 7 p.m. Cultural Centre.

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