Theatrical tours

Interpreting Serra’s natural and cultural heritage in a fun way is the main goal of the theatrical routes that the Town council organises every year, keeping the families in mind. 

A search for the sword of El Cid

It runs along the village in order to show its Islamic past and tell the stories about El Cid Campeador and his stay in Serra. Discover the tower of El Senyor de la Vila, the Calvary, the tower of L’Ermita… and try to find where El Cid lost his sword. 

Discover the magic plant of Sàngana

It takes place in the gully of Deula. Sàngana has arrived from another planet to search for a magic plant… But she does not remember which. This game will help us to know plants a bit better and what to do with them.

There are two night itineraries programmed for summer:

Our friends who live at night, the bats. 

Magicians Antares and Cassiopeia are worried. Their bat friends are complaining because humans do not respect them. The magicians want to mediate in this conflict. (In August).

The magicians of stars

Magicians Antares and Cassiopeia are worried. They have realised that people living in the cities can no longer see the stars, and so parents are forgetting the stories and legends their grandmothers used to tell them when they were little. Antares and Cassiopeia want to help them to remember and rediscover the stars.

For other possible itineraries, check the following link:

Rutes treatralitzades a Serra
Rutes Teatralitzades