The festivity of Sant Roc

Is a festivity which has been declared of touristic interest by the Valencian Regional Government. It is Serra’s most popular and traditional festivity. The main act is the baixà and takes place at midnight between the 15th and the 16th of August. The Baixà consists in carrying two statues of Sant Roc from the Chapel to the house of the clavaris majors (the people in charge of managing the Saint’s confrerie and the festivities dedicated to him). The walk is also accompanied by fireworks and sparklers. It is one unique and incomparable event in the beautiful setting provided by the Chapel and the Calvary of Serra. It is a privilege for the senses to watch how the saint is slowly carried while the fireworks shine over it. All while hearing the music of the local band, playing the tabal (drums) and the dolçaina (a Valencian oboe). Besides the Baixà, the festivity also includes a traditional paella contest and different pyrotechnical shows, such as a mascletà, traca correguda, a coetà and a correfocs, all of them different in display but equal in intensity.

The Calderona Fair and the Cherry Day

Cherry Day has been celebrated since the 70’s. Its goal is to promote the traditional fruit from Serra: the cherry. On that day, the Town council gives away to visitors a small basket filled with cherries. Although its farming has been reduced to minimal levels, Cherry Day continues to be celebrated and since 2005, it is included in the program of the Calderona Fair. Its date may vary depending on other events, but it usually takes place on the first weekend of June.

The two-day Calderona Fair gathers a great number of local business to show and promote their products, as well as most of the local associations that usually take part in the town’s life. Among the activities included there are workshops for children, music performances, parades and street theatre. There is also a meeting of dolçainers and tabaleters (dolçaina players and drummers).

Festivities in honour of the patron saints

These festivities are in honour of Sant Josep (Saint Joseph) and la Mare de Déu dels Àngels (the Virgin of the Angels) and are held on the 1st and 2nd of August. These days are filled with activities for children, fireworks, dinners outdoors and music soirees. There is also a colourful procession to bring flowers to the Virgin.

Imatge San Roc patró de Serra

Bous al carrer (running of the bulls)

The local tauromachic association, with more than thirty years of history, organises this running of the bulls at the end of August. Before the days of the bull running, there is a very popular costume festival as well.

Sant Antoni

The festivity in honour of Sant Antoni takes place on a weekend around the 17th of January. It is organised by the association Amics del Cavall and it consists in gathering and bringing wood to La Font Square, where it’s burnt in a traditional bonfire. Before the lighting, the dance group Aliguetes offers a traditional Valencian dance routine called dansà. On Sunday, owners parade with their animals before bringing them for their blessing.

Sant Blai

Sant Blai is held on the 3th of February and it is dedicated to Serra’s children. Besides the traditional blessing of bread, there are special activities for the kids, such as a parade, a chocolate party, a movie evening and children’s performances. These activities, which take place on the weekends leading to the festivity, end with the procession of the saint.

Romeria Creu del Cierro (religious pilgrimage)

The local association Correcamins de les Muntanyes de Serra is the one in charge of organising this traditional pilgrimage to the cross of El Cierro. It takes place on a Saturday in May, around the May Cross festivity. The romeria starts at the Constitució Square up to El Cierro mountain (746 m), on the top of which the cross stands. After a stop for eating, pilgrims reach the top of El Cierro, where a mass is held. After that, the whole town and its surroundings are blessed from above.