Sport trials

Marathon of La Calderona

The marathon of La Calderona is one of the most important sport tournaments that takes place in Serra. The sport associations Club de Atletismo Moncada and Club Outdoor Natura Moncada organise it, with the collaboration of Serra’s Town council.

It is a mountain race that goes through most part of Serra Calderona. It starts and ends at Serra, at La Font Square, and it also passes by the towns of Segart and Estivella. The marathon is a 42 kilometres-long race and has an approximated climb of 2,450 metres. 

Simultaneously, it also takes place the half-marathon of La Calderona, which is a 20 kilometres-long race and has an approximated climb of 1,000 metres.

There three categories for both races: absolute, veteran and master.

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Trail Castell de Serra

The event is organized by the Mountain Sports and Climbing Club Castillo de Serra, with the collaboration of Serra’s Town Council. It takes place during the month of October. 

The race is limited to 300 participants, since it runs, in its entirety, within the Natural Park of the Sierra Calderona. In 2019 edition, the trail was a 29 kilometers long race and had an approximated climb of  2000 meters. 

It startds and end in the square of the SM La Primitiva, the trail crowns the mythical peaks of Alto del Pino (716m), Sierro (737m) and Rebalsadors (801m), mountains very well valued by runners and fans of this sport of mountain because of the great slope they have. Following the FEMECV regulation, there are three absolute, veteran and master categories, in addition to the local one.

The ‘Árboles y Castillos’ race

Team race organised by a union of town councils of the area. It takes place two consecutive days and it consists of 15 legs. Two of them run within Serra’s town limits: leg number 4 is between the village of Gátova and Serra and leg number 5, between Serra and Náquera.

From Gátova to Serra there are 19.39 kilometres of paths and forestry tracks. The section between the country house of Tristan and El Poll is not timed, due to it being a protected area. The leg between Serra and Náquera has almost 14 kilometres: it goes up to Serra’s Castle with a climb gradient of 10 % and then heads towards the neighbouring town of Nàquera, first on path and then on paved road. 

There are three categories in this competition: man, women and mixed. For more information, click on the link below: