Àrees recreatives

Spending a day amidst nature, underneath the shed of pine trees, breathing in the perfumes from the Calderona mountains and listening to the chirping of trees is a dream come true in Serra. Thanks to its privileged location in the heart of Serra Calderona, you will find several recreation areas in the town’s surroundings. There are small ones next to many of the town’s natural springs, such as L’Ombria, Deula, El Llesticle, Sant Josep… You will even find one next to the spring of La Salut, within the urban limits. However, there are wider recreation areas in Serra that we invite you to visit.


Pla del Lluc/Porta Coeli recreation area

It is the wider recreation area within the Serra Calderona Natural Park. It is divided in three spaces. The recreation space is underneath a big canopy of pine trees and vegetation. There you will find many tables, hearths to cook paella and even some water fountains. There is also a space for parking and another one (area 1) for camping (permission granted). This recreation area is very popular due to its proximity to València and its metropolitan area. It is located along the CV-328 and CV-331 roads.

For more information about camping and using the hearths, call 012. You will find the same information available at PROP offices (regional government) and www.gva.es (PROP guide).

Broseta recreation area

Located on the side of CV-328 road, before intersecting with CV-331. It is next to the Porta Coeli gully, within a vast pine forest. There are tables, benches, water fountains and parking spaces. The Porta Coeli itinerary (marked in yellow) passes by this area and continues to the scenic viewpoint of La Pedrera. From this point you will have excellent views of Porta Coeli charterhouse, La Pobleta and the Rebalsadors peak.

Click on the following link for more information about the recreation area:


Àrea recreativa broseta a Serra

Aliguetes Area

Recreation area surrounded by pines and bushes. There are tables, benches and a hearth to cook paella. There is also parking space. It is very close to town and it is part of the hiking itinerary number 3 (Rebalsadors). Not far from Aliguetes you will find the spring of Marianet and the long-distance path GR-10.

You can access it following the CV-310 road heading to Torres-Torres from Serra, taking a turn to the left after passing the spring of Sant Josep.

Àrea recreativa Aliguetes a Serra