Portaceli (Colour mark: yellow)

The yellow itinerary of Porta Coeli is part of the Serra Calderona Natural Park. It runs through the area of the Porta Coeli charterhouse. It starts and finishes in the plain of El Lluc, next to the recreation area, at the crossroads between CV-328 and CV-331. The itinerary passes by the scenic viewpoints of La Pedrera (link to Miradors) which offers the best view over the Porta Coeli charterhouse. 

Route circular
Distance: 5km
 Estimated time: 3h

Difficulty: Easy.

A word of advice:

Take care of nature. Respect it.

Plan you itinerary carefully beforehand. Do not underestimate the possible risks.

No one better than ourselves knows our limits. It is advisable to do itineraries according to our physical shape.

Bring a map, a GPS or a mobile app that works without signal. Your phone battery should be fully charged.

Tell someone where you are going and check the weather forecast.

You should pack you bag with water, some food, extra clothes, a torch and a small first aid kit.

Use proper shoes, a cap and sunscreen.

These itineraries are open during the whole year. In summer, however, it is convenient to avoid peak sun hours.

Save the number for emergencies: 112. In case of emergency, keep calm and call 112.