Last dramatised route of the year on 25 November

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The Serra Town Council has programmed a free route for Saturday 25th November 2023. Don’t miss the dramatised route “La Calderona has a woman’s name”, which will go through the streets of our town.

The meeting time will be at 17:30 pm at the Tourist Info Serra, Sagunt street, 31. You only need to bring suitable footwear.

To register, please contact the Serra Tourist Office, telephone 961688404 or email Although the route is free, you need to register in advance, as places are limited.

Alberto has a dagger that his grandfather left him as an inheritance. Unintentionally, he hits it three times with one of the sculptures on the Serra route and something unexpected happens.

A journey through time in which visitors can learn about some of the traditional trades of Serra and the story of an actress, the Calderona, who became a bandit and gave her name to our mountain range. Will the magic dagger return to its owner’s hands?