A contest to create the logo for the tourist campaign “Somriu, estàs a Serra”

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The Serra City Council has called a school competition with the collaboration of CEIP Sant Josep to create the logo for the Somriu, you are a Serra campaign. The campaign is part of the tourism positioning plan in which the municipality located in the heart of the Sierra Calderona is working.

From today until October 5, second and third cycle primary school students will be able to make their proposal for the logo of the campaign for this first phase of better hosts within the tourism positioning plan. The selected work will be announced on October 7 after the jury made up of staff from the public school, consistory and Rusticae, the consulting company that carries out the project, selects the winner.

The selected logo will be the one that serves as the basis for the image of the best hosts campaign, Somriu, estàs a Serra, on which the Serra City Council is working to learn about and apply specific actions that allow organization and improvement of the activity tour. “It is time to work in a coordinated manner between all and all to establish the criteria of how we want our destination to be in terms of tourism,” says the mayor of Serra, Alicia Tusón.
In this first phase called Best Hosts, we are working through training sessions with entrepreneurs and businesses in the municipality to whom techniques are transferred to improve their businesses and the destination. In addition, local agents will participate in the second stage of the project, which will aim to define the positioning strategy to make Serra a unique an