Work on the tourist positioning of Serra begins

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The Serra City Council is working on a tourist positioning plan for this municipality nestled in the heart of the Sierra Calderona. The town, which is a benchmark in nature tourism, has heritage and gastronomic attractions.

In this sense, the city council has been working in recent years to promote tourism as an essential activity for everyone. Projects such as the reopening of the Tourist Info 7 days a week, the signposting of routes both in nature and in the urban area, the restoration of heritage or the Museu de l’Oli want to respond to this constantly growing demand of visitors.

Now with these works we will have the advice of Rusticae, an expert company in tourism, to know and apply specific actions that allow an organization and improvement of tourist activity. “It is time to work in a coordinated manner between all and all to establish the criteria of how we want our destination to be in terms of tourism,” says the mayor of Serra, Alicia Tusón.

During these weeks we have worked with the tourism area of the Serra City Council and the first training talks have begun with tourism companies, hotels and businesses in the town. “Concepts such as sustainability, the care of resources and the dynamization and empowerment of our companies and shops are a fundamental part of the project” adds Tusón, also responsible for the Department of Tourism.

The project will last five months and will work, in a first stage called Best Hosts, through training sessions with entrepreneurs and businesses in the municipality to whom techniques to improve their businesses and the destination will be transferred. In addition, local agents will participate in the second stage of the project, which will aim to define the positioning strategy to make Serra a unique and differentiated destination.