Serra’s mayor is named ambassador of the Natural Park of Sierra Calderona

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The project of recovery and dissemination of the rockrose Cartagena has been worth for the mayor of Serra, on behalf of the council, is named Ambassador of the Natural Park of the Sierra Calderona for this year.

A recognition that has been made public today on the occasion of the European Day of Natural Parks and recognizes entities and individuals who actively collaborate in conservation work, education and dissemination of the values of the natural park.
“It is a great satisfaction to receive this nomination for a project of reintroduction of this endangered shrub. A plant of which we already have 150 specimens in our public spaces and that we already consider our own” says the mayoress.

Cartagena rockrose plantations have been made, so far, in 4 emblematic areas of the town such as the Plaza del Castell, the Plaza S.M. La Primitiva, the town hall and the street of the Era. Some spaces are within the route of the Sculptures, an itinerary that puts in value the monumental, ethnological and cultural heritage of the municipality. In addition, informative posters have been installed next to the plantations to further disseminate the project among the neighborhood and people visiting the town. Informative material has also been prepared and is available to users of the Tourist Info.

The Serra Town Council is working on this project together with the Center for Forestry Research and Experimentation of the Valencian Community (CIEF), the office of the Natural Park and the CEIP Sant Josep de Serra. Precisely the school is also a very important part of the activity. Teachers and students have their plantations in the school grounds.

The “I like the Cartagena steppe” program aims to implement a participatory conservation project that values and helps to disseminate a species such as the Cartagena rockrose (Cistus heterophyllus subsp. Cartaginensis), which is in danger of extinction worldwide.