Serra promotes accessible and inclusive tourism in the heart of Calderona

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Accessible and inclusive tourism comes to Serra through the free adapted routes that the council has scheduled for this year. The routes will have an adapted caterpillar chair that will allow access for people with functional diversity to different points of natural and heritage tourist interest of the municipality nestled in the heart of the Sierra Calderona.

People with functional diversity will be able to enjoy these routes thanks to the features offered by the all-terrain chair used to move around. “The caterpillar chair is very safe and provides autonomy to people so they can access places that with other chairs could not” says Hamu Mroue of Turismo Adaptado V3, a reference company of inclusive tourism that makes the routes in Serra. “Accessibility becomes an added value for our tourism.

We are moving towards a more inclusive tourism that takes everyone into account. We work for people, so that everyone can enjoy leisure and free time on equal terms,” says the mayor, Alicia Tusón. The first route of the four that the council has scheduled for 2022 will feature the Castell de Serra, an itinerary that combines nature and heritage and will be held on March 12.

The route always within the Natural Park of the Sierra Calderona crosses the historic orchards of Ria and Tóixima, and the source of the Ombria to reach the foot of the castle. With these experiential tourism routes, it is intended that nature is inclusive for everyone and that people connect with the environment and each other within the incomparable setting of the Sierra Calderona.