Serra launches a slogan to support tourism positioning

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As part of the project carried out by the Serra Town Council to position the municipality as a tourist destination, the campaign “Somriu, estàs a Serra” has been created, with the aim of raising awareness of the destination in terms of tourism. In this way, the local establishments already display the logo of the campaign to make Serra a friendlier destination and in which there is awareness of the importance of tourism.

The logo Somriu, estàs a Serra was selected through a contest to represent this message among the students of the CEIP Sant Josep de Serra. This campaign is part of the project in which the municipality is working to define and position the destination in terms of tourism according to criteria of sustainability, profitability and circular economy.

The main project focuses on two strategic lines of action: a first stage called “Best Hosts” in which the campaign is included and a second stage, “Positioning the destination”, as a roadmap.

The mayor of Serra, Alicia Tusón explains that the council is very committed to the need to support the tourism initiative. “Our proposal of nature, along with a varied gastronomy, has made us for many years, one of the reference destinations for the people of Valencia”. Tusón in turn highlights that the municipality has been working for some time to enhance its most relevant cultural proposal, through the rehabilitation of various historical monuments, the route of the Sculptures or the opening of the Museu de l’Oli.

“The tourist activity in Serra has been growing steadily for many years. We understand that now is the right time to organize tourism, to value our resources in a responsible way, and to communicate it,” adds the mayoress.