Serra celebrates the I popular contest of olla amb carabassa (pot with pumpkin)

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Serra will celebrate the I popular contest of Olla amb Carabassa Vicente Granero Vila de Serra on October 29. The contest is part of the Gastronomic Days. Pumpkin: Tradition and innovation and wants to raise awareness and promote this dish that is part of our cuisine among the local population. The person who cooks the best pot amb carabassa will win a prize of 200 €.

Those who participate will cook this typical dish of our gastronomy in their homes and will bring a sample of the product in the Plaza de la S.M. La Primitiva at 14:00 hours on Saturday 29 so that the jury can evaluate the dishes. Registration, which is free, can be made until 14:00 on Thursday 27 October.

The jury will be formed by Vicente Granero and two local people who know this typical dish. The jury will score from 1 to 10 for tasting and point of rice. The prizes will consist of three checks worth 200 € for the first prize, 100 € for the second and 50 € for the third. People who participate will be able to eat their pot in the square of the S.M. La Primitiva at the tables that the City of Serra installed for that purpose.

“This year we want to encourage the recovery of this dish among the local population. Other years the contest has been professional but we want families to recover at home this dish so much ours” says the mayoress, Alicia Tusón. “For the first time we celebrate gastronomic days. We want to boost consumption by involving entrepreneurs and the whole neighborhood,” she adds.


Pumpkin decorating contest

On the same day a pumpkin decorating contest will be held. All those who wish to participate must register at the town hall until 2:00 pm on October 27. The decorated pumpkins will have to be taken from 16:30 to 17:30 in the Plaza de la S.M. La Primitiva to be judged by the jury. There will be three prizes in gift vouchers worth 50 €, 30 € and 20 € respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

In the afternoon there will be a tasting of pumpkin products in the Plaza de la S.M. La Primitiva from 19.00 hours by local and participating companies. The awards ceremony of the competitions will be in the same square, after the parade of souls, an activity that will tour the streets telling stories about Valencian monsters.

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