La Llar will open its doors with tourist accommodations

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Serra will have new tourist accommodations in the area of La Llar that will open its doors next year to also offer other complementary tourist activities. The opening will be possible thanks to the award of this municipal space through a service concession contract to the company 1 Respiro SY SL.

The administrative concession has a duration of 30 years and the awarded company will adapt the facilities for its use as a campsite and complementary activities. In addition, 1 Respiro SY SL has signed collaboration agreements with other local businesses and companies in order to network with the municipality’s business network.

The concession foresees that La Llar will provide tourist accommodation services, traditional workshops, agricultural support activities, cultural, environmental and sports activities. Activities that will involve a heavy investment by the contractor.

“We launch the facilities of La Llar, a space that will boost tourism in our town, creating new accommodation and other environmental, sports and cultural activities” says the mayor of Serra, Alicia Tusón who adds that “we continue to fulfill our commitments to citizens for a long-awaited opening” she added.

La Llar is a plot of 6,685 m² located on the outskirts of the municipality nestled in the heart of the Calderona and opposite the historic orchards of Ria and the Andalusian tower of the same name. The space includes the Tourist and Environmental Center La Llar in a two-story building that has a large exhibition area with the past, present and future uses of the Sierra Calderona.